The only Authorized North American Distributor of Philips CD PRO 2 CD Players

About Enco Systems

Enco Systems has been the exclusive North American distributor of the Philips CD Pro 2 compact disc player module for over 25 years. Enco Systems was founded in 1987 specifically to design-in and distribute audio sub-assemblies manufactured by NV Philips, the Dutch electronics giant and inventor of the compact disc. Throughout our history, Enco has been a key partner with manufacturers in specialty audio markets – particularly jukebox and high-end audio.


Enco and Philips were instrumental in bringing compact disc to jukeboxes in the late 1980’s. Enco partnered with Rowe International to design Philips CD technology into the first generation of CD jukes. Enco and Philips designed an elegant CD player module — a CD “engine” — for use in the jukebox.  All the major jukebox manufacturers in the world chose to design around this module. Most recently, Enco has worked diligently to support the transition of compact disc technology into its legacy service phase. We will continue to support operators to keep CD jukes on the street earning money.


Just as significantly, Enco has worked closely with designers of boutique high-end audio gear to bring compact disc to the most discerning audiophiles around the world.  Audiophiles were the earliest adopters of high-resolution digital technology and Enco was there at the beginning, working together with Philips to design CD technology into the best hifi gear in the world. (Click here to see a list of designers who featured the CD Pro) The CD Pro 2 continues to be at the heart of the highest performance digital playback systems available.  As resolution has increased beyond 24 bit, 96 kHz oversampled sound, the CD Pro 2 continues to set the standard for reproducing these rich, satisfying recordings. CD is still the benchmark in high-end audio.

CD Pro 2 Legacy Support

Enco continues to serve specialty audio markets, even though Philips has ceased production of new CD Pro 2 modules. While our supply lasts, we continue to sell the last of the factory-new players built at the Philips production plant located in Guangzhou, China. With the future in mind, we now also have service parts available for the CD Pro family of products. And we rebuild player modules that we are reclaiming from the field. Despite the discontinuation by Philips of the CD Pro, we remain dedicated to the product and to compact disc technology. We will continue to back the CD Pro 2 with parts and service long after new player modules are no longer available.