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Enco Bios

Christopher Bisha

bisha_09Christopher Bisha is the president and controller of Enco Systems Group Inc. Chris joined Enco in 1990 and assumed the presidency in 1999 following the retirement of the company’s founder.

Beyond his operations responsibilities, he has long been involved in the design process of a wide range of compact disc products in specialty audio markets — including the Philips CD Pro family of player modules. The unique challenges presented by applications like jukebox, hifi, and CD-ROM have given him a wealth of knowledge of Philips compact disc technology. His relationship with Philips’s administrative, production and technical staff around the world puts him in a unique position to address the issues that are arising in CD’s legacy phase.

In addition to his years of experience with Enco and Philips, Chris spent his early career in New York City working as a marketing research consultant to such Fortune 500 companies as Pfizer, Merck and Monsanto. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s of business administration from Wayne State University. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

When not chained to his desk running the operation, Chris makes it a point to attend industry trade shows around the world. This keeps him attuned to the needs of  jukebox operators, private jukebox owners, audiophiles and hifi hobbyists.

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Joel Friedman

joel-friedmanJoel Friedman is the former vice president of music for Rowe International. Known as “Mr. Jukebox,” he spent most of his career as a tireless advocate for jukebox music, traveling extensively in the United States and the world promoting Rowe jukeboxes. Joel was an early proponent of CD technology and oversaw the design of the first Rowe CD jukes. Now retired from Rowe, Joel continues to be a trusted voice in the jukebox industry and a familiar face at amusement industry trade shows. He remains an advocate for jukeboxes and compact disc technology and occasionally consults with the Enco leadership team.

“I am proud of my association with Enco Systems and its commitment to support compact disc jukeboxes. Operators know that CD jukes are still a solid profit center for many types of locations. Now that the manufacturing community has abandoned CD technology, Enco believes as I do that it is crucial to provide service for CD players and jukeboxes. While technology will continue to redefine the jukebox business, CD jukes will remain viable for many more years. I believe that operators need to actively maintain close personal contact with their locations and CD plays a significant role in that effort. As long as the recording industry supports the CD format, it’s still the operator’s best bet. And I’ll continue to partner with Enco to support operators.”